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A natural results-driven anti-inflammatory solution for people, animals and pets.

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Lovingly formulated and made in Marlborough, New Zealand, OmegaFlex® is a natural pain-management solution synergistically blended using the active powers and ingredients of high quality certified Green Lipped Mussel “GLM”.

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Product Range

Natural and made with the utmost care, our products are results-driven and are an effective natural alternative to traditional anti-inflammatory drugs.

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GLM Capsules

Our signature capsules contain active and pure ingredients from the oil of the Green Lipped Mussel “GLM”

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GLM Gels

An easily applicable gel version of GLM, which can be directly applied to affected areas for fast results.


Easy Breathe Linctus

A liquid form of GLM that can be consumed in the ongoing treatment and management of asthma.


Pet Food Sprinkle

A GLM Powder health supplement recommended for pets of all ages showing signs of arthritis or joint pain.

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About OmegaFlex®

100% New Zealand owned anti-inflammatory product range that is natural, toxin-free and based on the active healing properties of Green Lipped Mussels (Perna Canaliculus) (GLM).

Our Products - OmegaFlex®

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Is OmegaFlex® suitable for children? Is OmegaFlex® suitable for vegetarians or vegans? How often should I take OmegaFlex®?

For the answers to these questions and more, head over to our FAQs page for information on our product range.


Our product range has provided positive results for people, animals and pets alike for pain

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